Why on earth was he trying to please me?

I turned round in shock to see Temi’s appreciative glance as his wondering gaze went over my body and it annoyed me. I gave him a scathing look but was determined to be polite. “Fancy seeing you here,” Jasmine exclaimed. “Yes, I came here with a few friends; care to join us Ladies?” Temi asked. I looked across at his friends, sure I cared.

Why would I want to be at the same table with Temi, the last time we met, the circumstance was not pleasant and it ended badly. “I know what you are thinking pumpkin and believe me, I do not hold a grudge but you can make it up to me.

Have dinner with me and the guys and let’s go clubbing tonight?” Temi said turning on the charm. “That will be splendid Temi,” Jasmine said super excitedly. “No I do not think it’s a good idea,’ I heard myself say. What does this guy want from me? I asked myself the umpteenth time.

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For those of you who are not familiar with our story. Once upon a time there was a Temi and Tobs and everyone concluded that their love story was cast in stone, the love between Romeo and Juliet paled in comparison to what they had.

Along the line Temi who by the way had cheated in the past with this particular girl and had been forgiven suddenly decided one fine day to call off his engagement to Tobs and before you could say Jack Robinson, Temi got married to same girl. Now few years down the line, Temi wants Tobs back! It just simply doesn’t work like that. Women are not toys that you want one minute and the next you discard only to come back later for the same toy you had said you no longer wanted.

What is wrong with some men? Temi has been relentless in his pursuit, it is becoming worrisome. I have shunned, shamed, insulted and threatened him yet he keeps coming back. He must be sick! I gave Jasmine a warning look but she was unperturbed. Leaning over the table she whispered conspiratorially, “For goodness sake Tobs loosen up! A few drinks and dancing will do you no harm.”

I wasn’t going to have any of that, Jasmine is a grown woman she is free to do whatever she wants but me I had no intention of going anywhere with this man. She kept persuading me which was really quite irritating and wearing on the nerves until I gave in.

I had lost my appetite by the time the food arrived; I asked them to pack it up for me. I hate wastage. It doesn’t matter if I am home or outside, my belief is, you are fortunate to be able to afford or have a friend who can spend their hard earned money for you.

It is even more disrespectful to God who provided when many others are starving. “Tobs shall we?” the twerp was back by our table. We went to a Karaoke club and the atmosphere was engulfed in clouds of honey scented shisha smoke.

It appeared everyone in the club was smoking it! Is that thing legal? I instantly disliked the place as soon as we walked in, after that, things just went downhill. Temi tried to please and impress me but it just wasn’t working.

His friends were worse, one tried to grope me under the table and I conveniently spilled the glass of cold expensive wine I was drinking on his lap, of course I apologised profusely. Serves him right! How dare he make such assumptions about me? He had asked for a dance earlier and I had politely declined because I had seen the bulge in his pants.

I do not get it, why are some men so out of control? Now, he dared to try and grope me? This should teach him a lesson I thought with a satisfied smirk.

Temi sauntered over and sat next to me. “Seriously Tobs, cut me some slack, I am trying here,” Temi said staring earnestly into my eyes. “But why are you trying?” I asked baffled. Stupid man, why on earth was he trying to please me?

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