Why Does the Predator Keep Coming Back to Earth?

Unlike Xenomorphs, which got created to be the perfect killing machines, Predators have trained for centuries to be the best hunters in the galaxy. As a result, they have learned techniques and used their technology to hunt and kill game from any planet and any walk of life. But one of their most prominent targets seemed to be Planet Earth. However, considering their track record, their constant revisits to the planet make next to no sense.

Earth has shown the Predators that, no matter how skilled they are, there are beings out there that could better them. But even still, returning to the same planet centuries at a time has felt counterproductive to their own advancements. When they could be hunting bigger and stronger game, they continue to return to beings that have no interest in them and only want to live without fear. So, why does this powerful species continue to return and lose almost every time they visit?

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Humanity Offers a Challenge to Predators

Part of being the best hunter means learning and understanding their prey. In doing so, the hunter has the chance to be better than their target and, upon their victory, prove they were better. Since they’ve seemingly lost to humans since at least the 1800s, returning to Earth has been a challenge. Each time they return, humanity has shown new and more advanced ways to kill and, in turn, showcased new ways to evade death. By facing them, the Predator species can simultaneously hone and improve their tactics. And since humanity tends to overcome any obstacle, they’re the perfect targets for a Predator to test their skills on.

Predators Test Humans as They Evolve

Just as much as the Predator hunts humans to challenge themselves, it’s also to test humans. Over the centuries, humanity has shown, through evolution, how their hunting and combat tactics evolve and grow, both with weapons and strategy. But if the Predators are going to use humans as the ultimate test, the humans must get tested as well. As a result, visiting them may signify a chance for humans to show that they are still the greatest enemies of the Predator. That gets best shown through Dutch’s final stand in the first Predator film when he outsmarts the creature with nothing but his environment.

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Predators Find Enjoyment With Humanity

Perhaps the most unexpected reason that Predators continue to inhabit Earth is that they actually have an affinity for humans. Whether it’s their persistence or ingenuity, they continue to return and hunt them because they’re entertaining. It may be a game of life or death, but humanity has always showcased unpredictability, which makes them the ultimate game. Hunting humans could evoke the same excitement as a child going to a theme park to Predators.

Even more interesting is that Predators have shown enough interest in humans to kidnap and take them to their massive game preserve planet, where they can pit them against other species and themselves. That happened in Predators, which also explored the hierarchy of Predators. Each hunting season promised more humans, and it’s important to note that, among the other species, the Predators kidnapped mostly humans. With no canon reason given as to why, there’s the possibility that they did so because no one human is alike, and their skills at hunting and killing are varied enough to rival their own. But no matter the reason Predators return to Earth, humans have proven to be some of the strongest beings in the galaxy.

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