US Army bullets unexpectedly found at 1918 Mexico border massacre site

A ballistics analysis has raised new questions about the role of the US Army in the 1918 Porvenir massacre, where Texas Rangers killed 15 unarmed Mexican boys and men

Humans 25 October 2022

A sign at the Porvenir massacre site

The 1918 Porvenir massacre occurred at the US-Mexico border

Texas Historical Commission

The first archaeological investigation of the site of a century-old massacre at the US-Mexico border has unexpectedly found bullets and cartridge casings for US military weapons.

On the morning of 28 January 1918, Texas Rangers and local ranchers, escorted by the US Army’s 8th Cavalry, rounded up 15 boys and men of Mexican descent from the town of Porvenir, Texas, and shot them execution-style. None of that is disputed. But new evidence suggesting that both civilian and military weapons were used raises …

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