‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ Episode 8: Do Faraday and Justin REALLY get away from CIA?

The Man Who Fell to Earth‘ came with a perplexing plot. We are now through five episodes of the Showtime series, and the story has unraveled quite a few good twists to give us a peek into the different sides of human nature.

Episode eight of ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth‘ is out, and the CIA seems to have taken back the control. The previous episode saw Faraday and Justin finding out the true intentions of Newton. So, what do you think they do about it?


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The previous episode ended with Faraday telling Justin about Newton’s real motive. He tells her choices are now time-sensitive and the duo discusses bringing the earth back to normalcy. Justin understands that the CIA has sent a message to Antheans via Newton, and once they decode it, they will take the machine and kill everyone involved. Hence, they decide to hide the machine. Lucas is on his way to get the machine, meanwhile Faraday and Justin’s dad try to destroy and hide everything in the lab.

The armed guards land in the lab with Lucas and head straight for the machine. Justin escapes but Faraday chooses to stay. Lucas asks Faraday where Justin and the core are but Faraday chooses to remain silent. He then pushes a huge vessel that lights up the lab killing every guard. But not before one of the guards shoots Faraday. Oregon owners land there to question Lucas’ moves, meanwhile, Justin and her dad try to get Faraday to a safe place by getting another car. Faraday tells Justin’s dad that the machine has to reach Newton, though Justin wants it destroyed.

A still from ‘A Man Who Fell to Earth’ (Showtime)

They manage to take Faraday to Mary Lou, one of Newton’s love interests, and manage to get the bullet out of his body. The CIA is busy trying to decode the system in the lab for any sort of message. Eventually, Justin’s dad wants to save Faraday through the transfusion process that Faraday conducted to save him. The CIA tracks down Justin’s location, while Mary prepares for the transfusion. There’s a shootout between Mary and Lucas. The CIA manages to get in and Lucas kills Mary. They kidnap Justin, Faraday, and the core and leave the place.

A Still from ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ (Showtime)

This episode has left us wondering if Justin’s dad will get out of this alive, about what happens to the core, and will the mission be in action any time soon because the clock is ticking and this could mean they’re close to the probable destruction of two planets.

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