‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ Episode 7: Faraday and Justin going public is their only shot at survival

Episode seven of sci-fi series ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ is out, and after a week of wait, we finally know what happens to the mission that is supposed to save two planets from potentially getting destroyed. The new episode has a few revelations and plot twists that I’m sure you did not see coming. So sit tight while you embrace the spoilers ahead.

The Man Who Fell to Earth‘ is a science fiction space story whose first episode was aired on Showtime on April 24. It has garnered some praise with a story that is sure to keep any science head glued to the screen. Here’s what episode seven holds.


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The episode starts with the CIA discussing their mission in Cambodia. While the officers are busy trying to investigate the building there, they are interrupted by a radio signal. They end up coming face to face with something that makes their heads explode and the whole crew dies. The story then turns to Justin who is busy cooking in the kitchen when her dad starts to talk about how his feelings are vanishing.

Her dad now wants to be taken back to the lab; meanwhile, in Oregon, Sal is attending a meeting with the powerful company of Mr Presman to keep the CIA out of track. They talk to his associate about the deal and somehow manage to talk through all the information they have to partner with them and build pipelines for the fuel. Now all Sal and his sister have to do is wait for the answer. The story moves back to the lab where Faraday and Justin’s dad have a little chat and Faraday tells him that he will be experiencing new changes and is becoming a new type of Anthean.

A still from ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ (Showtime)

There’s a meeting in Oregon of the CIA with Sal and Justin. Justin then understands that the government is involved too, and asks Sal about it; Sal asks her to trust him and says he’ll handle the rest.

Meanwhile, Finch calls Clay and asks him to come to Washington to be held accountable for the troops that were Cambodia. Faraday turns on his monitors again and communicates with Newton about the government watching their whole mission. He complains to Newton about not having been told that Oregon is controlled by the CIA. Meanwhile, the CIA is unable to track anything from the lab as all the frequencies are cut out.

A still from ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ (Showtime)

The duo talks about lying and Newton tells Faraday to lie a little as deception is common among humans. Newton says the best lie is the lie they need to hear. Give them what they want to hear. He tells Faraday to stop hiding and get out there to be a legend – that’s how he can outsmart the CIA. Newton’s words make Faraday understand that he believes in him and he now has to finish the mission. Faraday then comes back to reality and talks to Justin about wanting to be someone powerful, someone everybody recognizes so the CIA will not hound him.

Spencer is in a meeting with higher officials in DC; while agent Finch is trying to help him, Clay rats her out and betrays her for his benefit. The story then shifts back to the CIA, which wants to have a talk with Justin and so they take her to their hideout where they keep a track of everything that happens in the lab. They inform her that their interest is not in Faraday but Newton. They tell her they tracked Newton down to Cambodia. They think all of this is connected to the machine Justin and Faraday are building. They inform Justin that she needs to help them find Newton because they think Newton and Faraday could be cooking something that would possibly kill the human race.

A still from ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ (Showtime)

Justin talks to Faraday about Newton’s whereabouts. After their conversation, Faraday tries to hack into the CIA’s system that is spying on them and sees the video of their group being killed in Cambodia. That’s when he realizes something and heads straight to Justin’s home and tells her what Newton wanted all along. Newton had no plans of sending Faraday back to his planet, but to bring Antheans to earth instead!

Catch episode 7 of ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ exclusively on Showtime on June 12.

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