The best science fiction books out in 2023

A young boy walks across dusty arid desert land at sunset. Location: Djenne ( Djenn?? ), Mopti, Mali, Africa

In The Lies of the Ajungo, a boy journeys into the desert to save his mother

Timothy Allen/The Image Bank/Getty Images, NASA

The Terraformers

Annalee Newitz (Tor Books)

This deep future from New Scientist columnist Annalee Newitz stars a Lone Ranger type and her partner, a telepathic moose. The mission: to keep interlopers off a planet under construction. Things go awry.


Edited by Rob Appleby and Connie Potter (Comma Press)

Authors worked with particle physicists at the CERN lab near Geneva, Switzerland, on this anthology, in which Stephen Baxter and Margaret Drabble’s thought-provoking stories do more …

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