Pa. organization announces plan to ‘Ring All the Bells on Earth’

Local activists gathered on the State Capitol steps on Monday to announce a new initiative to celebrate America’s 250th birthday in 2026.

HARRISBURG, Pa. — A new initiative to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the United States was announced yesterday in Harrisburg.

“Ring All the Bells on Earth” is a grassroots organization in Pennsylvania, which hopes to have every bell rang across the world on July 4, 2026. 

Gene Stilp, an ambitious local activist, who is known for pulling off one of the greatest pranks Central Pennsylvania has ever seen, is the head of the group. Though, this is not a prank.

“Reinvigorating civics and historical education in the United States is one of the goals of this project,” Stilp said. 

Leading up to 2026, the organization wants bells to be rung each year on Independence Day. Next year, they want every bell in Pennsylvania to be rung.

In 2024, each bell in the Eastern Time Zone, and in 2025, every bell in the United States. Finally, by 2026, the group wants each bell in the world to be rung.

The organization hopes this effort inspires civics across the country and world.

“By doing this, we hope we can prepare future generations to continue our amazing, unique experiment in self government that was started so long ago, 250 years.”

The idea of ringing bells was chosen by the organization because the Liberty Bell is a symbol associated with the founding of the United States of America.

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