Opinion | Humankind should be focused on Earth, not other space

I especially appreciated David Von Drehle’s Nov. 27 op-ed, “Artemis aims for the moon. But is the sky our actual limit?.”

Scientist James A. Van Allen stated in a January 1986 article in Scientific American, “Most national goals in space are better realized by robot spacecraft.” To him and Mr. Von Drehle, the very real hazards of human space travel include low gravity, radiation and excessive cost. As Van Allen stated, science fiction writers nurtured grandiose plans for human space travel. Almost 37 years later, advances in technology weigh more heavily toward unmanned space exploration.

The recently concluded U.N. climate change conference reminded us of the increasing hazards of a hotter planet and what we can do and should not do to mitigate that danger; with Artemis rockets, we are playing with fire. The war in Ukraine reminds us of the continuing danger of nuclear war.

Humankind should be focused on a healthy and sustainable future for us, our progeny and other life on this wondrous and finite home we call Earth.

Richard Reis, Baltimore

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