Nomad Century review: a bold plan to manage climate migration

Gaia Vince’s new book, Nomad Century: How to survive the climate upheaval, argues that mass migration caused by Earth’s climate crisis could be turned into a plus. Could her plan work?

Humans 31 August 2022

Digital generated image of two semi spheres connected together in one planet. Left part covered by trees against right part fully urban and covered by buildings. Sustainability concept.

Megacities in the near future could be built on vast swathes of Russia, Canada and Scandinavia

Andriy Onufriyenko/Getty Images

Nomad Century
Gaia Vince (Allen Lane)

GAIA VINCE is something of a star in climate science writing. Her debut, Adventures in the Anthropocene, was a compelling blend of climate science reporting and travelogue. Transcendence, her second book, sought to explain human evolution in ambitious “big history” terms – think Yuval Noah Harari meets Matt Ridley.

Her latest, Nomad Century: How to survive the climate upheaval, offers more big history, though it tackles the future. Vince …

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