Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth gets its first bit of gameplay in new trailer

The EA published The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth has received its first gameplay trailer, showing off the turn-based, mobile game in action.

First announced back in May, Heroes of Middle-earth was revealed as a character-collecting RPG, but no gameplay was shown at the time, just a single piece of concept art. Now, as revealed at GameSpot Swipe, the game has finally been shown in action, with the game’s art director Chris Salazar going into some detail.

Interestingly there is a new ring that’s been added to the universe, which according to Salazar, “grants the player the ability to bring the best characters that best suite that battle that’s going to happen in that location, and somewhat push the bounds of what is the narrative canon.” Salazar also explained that the new ring will make a lot more sense once you dive into the game.

The game will obviously feature characters like Frodo and Sam, but also all over the timeline, though no specifics on who else we might meet along the way.

While some gameplay was revealed, it should be noted that it was without any UI, but there are gameplay videos online showing it off in more depth, as it’s currently being tested in the Philippines.

You’ll be able to make custom teams of characters, which you can use in the game’s story mode or in PvP, and it sounds like there will be unique moves and bonuses that come from pairing certain characters together.

Salazar wasn’t able to give a launch window just yet, but did say that you should stay tuned as the soft launch rollout continues in select countries.

This obviously isn’t the only Lord of the Ring game in the works, as there’s The Lord of the Rings: Gollum for one, but there’s also a new title coming from Wētā Workshop, the studio behind the special effects from the original trilogy of films.

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