Kyrie Irving wants to know why Mother Earth doesn’t let him live rent-free

Kyrie Irving is a staple of NBA culture. On the court, his mind-bending handles and scoring ability making him a star for the Brooklyn Nets. Off the court, he continues to question reality and share his feelings on the world, making him one of the league’s most controversial figures.

Irving continues to uphold this reputation. With his offseason beginning early following the Celtics’ sweeping of the Nets, the All-Star point guard will have plenty of time to air his thoughts on social media. So far, he’s wasted none of that time, taking to Twitter to question the cost of living:

The star PG takes issue with the idea of property. Irving has always made it clear he holds strong belief in nature and the concept of Mother Earth. Now he wants to know if these beliefs are true, then why doesn’t the world fit in the same logic?

According to the World Population Review, the average annual expenses of an American household is $61,334. Irving, who makes an average annual salary of $34.1 Million on his current contract with the Nets, is probably asking for other people. He may be able to afford certain luxuries himself, but not everyone can afford the cost of living in the United States.

The U.S. Census reported a 11.4% poverty rate in 2020. That number grew from 10.5% in 2019, or approximately 3.3 million more people. The cost of living is clearly a serious issue in the United States. However, it is unclear if Irving’s remarks on Twitter are impacting the issue in any way.

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