Jellyfish Age Backwards review: Exploring nature’s secrets to ageing

Why do some jellyfish age backwards? Does intermittent fasting really make us live longer? Find out how much science knows about ageing in this whistle-stop tour

Humans 15 June 2022

FROM the Epic of Gilgamesh to alchemists’ quest to find the fabled philosopher’s stone, stories of perilous, yet ultimately fruitless, pursuits of immortality are ubiquitous. Even today, humanity seems determined to unlock the secrets of a long life. But now we look to science, not legend.

In Jellyfish Age Backwards, molecular biologist Nicklas Brendborg takes us on a whistle-stop tour of the science of ageing. We begin with a visit to a few of the many natural wonders that defy our ideas of ageing. These include the 400-year-old shark that roams the …

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