How to use the science of fat to make delicious, confit food

Fat gets a bad rap, but it is key to making enjoyable foods like confit pork. You can also use the confit method for parsnips, says Sam Wong

Humans 22 February 2023

Confit pork with thyme

PhotoCuisine/Viel, Pierre Louis/StockFood

FAT is a controversial subject in food science. We have all been told from an early age that it is unhealthy and something we should try to eat less of. But as we have said in New Scientist before, the science that led us to fear it is deeply flawed, and many studies have found that cutting down on fat brings no clear health benefits.

In fact, fats are an essential part of our diet, a vital aid to cooking and key to what makes many of our favourite foods, such as chocolate, so enjoyable. To make smarter …

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