How to spot Ophiuchus, the thirteenth zodiacal constellation

2CNWGJN Ophiuchus star constellation, Night sky, Cluster of stars, Deep space,?Serpentarius, Serpent bearer


EVERY so often, people who are into astrology discover Ophiuchus, which is often referred to as the 13th zodiacal constellation. Sometimes, they will be surprised a new sign of the zodiac has been invented, but in reality, Ophiuchus (pictured above) is a constellation that has been known about ever since ancient Greek astronomers named it after a serpent bearer. This month is a great time to look for it around the world.

Ophiuchus sits alongside Sagittarius and Scorpius, near the bright centre of the Milky Way. With its position just to the side of the Milky Way’s band, it …

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