How to analyse your garden soil and choose the plants to suit it

Finding out how acidic or alkaline your soil is means you can select the right plants for it, and maximise their chance of thriving, says Clare Wilson

Humans 25 May 2022

CNW7E8 ph value of a sample of the soil ist tested with litmus paper, Germany

mblickwinkel / Alamy Stock Photo

HAVE you ever wondered why some plants in your garden thrive, while others barely grow no matter how tenderly they are nurtured? It may not come down to your green fingers, but to whether you have chosen the right plant for that spot.

Most people know they need to consider their local climate and how much sunshine any particular site gets. But you should also choose the right plant for your soil type, which depends on your area’s geology and history. You can find maps of soil type online, but gardens can differ at a local level.

A first step …

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