Here’s Why Jay Leno Is The Ultimate Gear Head On Earth

When someone speaks of Jay Leno, all we can think of is his massive collection of cars. But in truth, his career did not start with cars; it started with comedy. He began his comedy career during his days as a student at Emerson College, studying speech therapy. After his graduation, he shifted base to Los Angeles to pursue his job as a writer and a comedian, often making appearances on “The Tonight Show”.

His life turned around when he was announced as the new host of “The Tonight Show” in 1992. He interviewed various celebrities on the show, from all over the world and entertained millions of people with his goofiness and easy-going nature.

In 2013, he decided he wanted to work amidst his vast car collection, reviewing various cars, and called it “Jay Leno’s Garage”. It premiered for the first time as a web series for; a year after which, CNBC decided to broadcast his show on a larger scale.

Being the celebrity he is, he got widely recognized after “Jay Leno’s Garage”, which happens to be an Emmy Award-winning television show as of today. The show has always been about him, with his classic and modern car collection in the background.

But the limelight has always been on one car, usually something rare; something most of us may not have heard about, or maybe even, something that’s about to hit the market. It could be a supercar, muscle car, or a 100-year-old vintage car; Leno’s Garage has a place for all types only for as long as it piques his interest, that is.

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Jay Leno’s Garage Isn’t Going Anywhere

In the one-hour episode of “Jay Leno’s Garage”, so much about him as an individual becomes evident. His in-depth knowledge of cars is unmatched to a great degree, and his obsession with the older cars is bound to leave you starry-eyed, and it’s not just cars, but motorcycles from his heyday as well. To Leno, cars and motorcycles are a way of life. Or more of a ritual that he follows religiously.

Jay Leno’s Garage has something exciting to look forward to every time the show is aired for the world to watch – and for those who don’t have access to CNBC, there’s always his YouTube channel, which has 3.37 million subscribers as we speak. It’s got the latest of the greatest being published – and we’re sure the whole of the United States has watched every single episode, which is what makes him a star.

The famous car show features challenges, reviews, and celebrity interviews – all closely related to cars. If you like dinosaurs or DIY make-up tutorials, this is most definitely not the show for you. On the show, Leno is found asking away about the cars he has on the show; he connects with top industrialists and vehicle custodians, has a chinwag with them, and shares a few laughs too. He shows great humility on the show, making him all the more interesting to watch.

Jay Leno Loves Modern & Classic Cars Alike

A lot of iconic models have been featured on his show enlightening the world about them for the first time – so Leno’s car show is not only entertaining but educative as well. If it’s an all-new car on the show, he talks about it with someone associated with the manufacturer, and takes the car out for a spin, road-testing it in his fashion. He’s often found enamored by the latest innovations in automotive technology.

Be it classic cars or supercars, he drives them all and has a smile on his face behind the wheel. Very rarely does he criticize a car or a motorcycle, and he finds ways of putting it across nicely, even if he does. No matter the importance of the model on the show, he’s always found wearing his blue denim. Cars – we’ve seen them all – right from the wonderful to the weird, and fans love what he has to offer.

Jay Leno Adores The Humble Tata Nano

When Jay Leno bought a Tata Nano, he filmed it from the factory in India, sporting orange and green stripe decals. The little car was put on a plane and sent to Los Angeles to feature on his show. As far as we can remember, that was the only day Leno wore a traditional Indian suit, instead of his Denim-on-Denim signature style on his show.

He was left impressed after having driven it on a track and said “The air-conditioner is better than the air-conditioner in an F1 McLaren; I have an F1 McLaren, and it’s not as good as this. So Nano, you may not be faster than the F1, and you might not handle or brake as well, but when it comes to the air-conditioning, you guys got it spot-on. In fact, I’m going to take this air-conditioner out of my Nano and put it in my F1 McLaren”.

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Jay Leno’s Car Collection

He owns hundreds of cars, old and new. Some of our favorites include his 1909 Baker Electric, a 1930 Bentley 27-Litre, 1955 Buick Roadmaster, 1937 Bugatti Atlantique, 1918 Cadillac Type 57 Victoria, 2009 Corvette ZR1 #001, 1911 Christie Fire Engine, 1963 Chrysler Turbine, 1936 Cord 812, 1971 DeTomasso Pantera, a 2006 GM EcoJet, 2017 Ford GT, a 1915 Hispano-Suiza and hundreds more.

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