Female frogs may croak to deter males from mating with them

Handout picture supplied by Makoto M. Itoh. A Pelophylax nigromaculatus frog photographed for his study study Female pond frog vocalisation deters sexual coercion by males. mac_itoh@yahoo.co.jp

Female black-spotted frogs seem to deter males by croaking

Courtesy of Makoto M. Itoh

Male frogs often force females to mate with them, but in one species, a croak from the female seems to persuade males to leave her alone. The sound may be an “honest” signal that she isn’t fertile and mating would be a waste of the male’s sperm and energy.

“In general, male frogs are known to jump on even inorganic objects if they are female-like,” says Makoto M. Itoh at Nagoya University in Japan. “However, this species [stops attempting] such …

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