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In this time of climatic turbulence, environmental degradation has seen rapid escalation. The year 2021 was recorded as one of the hottest in the wheel of time, and recent evidence suggests that it is bound to only get hotter. Today, our rivers are facing an existential crisis, the weather cycle is changing, the air is becoming poisonous and new diseases are constantly spreading.
We have a choice — to either restore Earth’s balance and pass on a liveable environment or let our future generations be a victim of our complacency, selfishness and greed.
Planting trees qualifies as the first step towards environmental conservation. While the global focus on climate change has increased, I especially admire the thought le adership of our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on environ- mental issues. His concept of ‘Panchamrit’ and ‘Green Grid Initiative — One Sun, One Wor ld, One Grid’ at COP26 presents an agenda for action for policy makers across the globe.
I have been extremely fortunate to inherit a state from my people which is blessed with an abundance of flora, fauna, and biodiverse reserves. My connect with nature is instinctive as I was born on the bank of Narmada river in a forest covered small village. I spent my childhood play ing with trees and I closely noticed how a tree is like a universe in itself — full of life, a home for birds, insects, reptiles and small animals. India’s green state, Madhya Pradesh, is ranked the highest among all states in terms of recorded forest area, comprising 25. 15% of its geographical area. These statistics have further shaped and strengthened our commitment and r esolve to stop deforesta tion and reverse forest loss and degradation by 2030.
We are continuously encouraging youth, women, our tribes, SCs, farmers on ‘Ankur Abhiyan’ to plant a tree for environment conse rvation, and the results are visible.
Planting a tree on special occasions and public gatherings has been a usual ritual in public life. At one point of time, I felt that planting saplings only on a few occasions would not be sufficient.
I took a pledge last year on ‘Narmada Jayanti’ on February 19 to plant a sapling every day. I am delighted to express that I haven’t missed even a single day so far. It’s heartening to see the increasing participation from people, and planting trees is becoming a people’s movement in MP.
I am glad we have incubated a small but steady trans- formation which has the potential to cross borders and expand globally. O
n this World Environment Day, I encourage every citizen of our country to take a pledge for this small but significant practice contributing directly to the well-being of Mother Earth and for our future generations. We owe them this much for sure.
(The writer is chief minister of Madhya Pradesh)

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