‘Earth: Revival’: Multiplayer, Open-World, Sci-Fi Shooter From TikTok’s Parent Company

Riding my futuristic motorcycle over desolate ground, the map seemingly stretching out all around me, I come across an apparent treasure trove. Dismounting from my bike, I stroll over to an isolated chest, excited by the loot waiting within, only to be ambushed by a group of vicious, monstrous creatures. Luckily, they’re no match for my character’s enormous hammer, and the loot is all mine. 

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Earth: Revival is full of such encounters. Whether playing solo or multiplayer, exploring treacherous territory of a post-apocalyptic planet is what the game is all about. There are open plains and deep caves, both serving up baddies to fight as you look for items. Enemies aren’t shy about ambushing you, as previously mentioned, so be on your guard. 

Luckily, there are plenty of weapons, from machine guns and sniper rifles, to the wonderful melee weapon mentioned above, so you’ll be plenty prepared for what’s in store. The gunplay on mouse and keyboard is fluid and precise, delivering a smooth shooter experience. The best part though is the power armour that you can equip when fully charged.

Earth: Revival / Credit: Nuverse
Earth: Revival / Credit: Nuverse

This temporary, mech-like exoskeleton gives you access to even stronger weapons, such as a huge cannon, letting you tear through even the strongest bosses like they’re nothing. It’s a rush to have this kind of firepower at your disposal, letting you essentially turn yourself into a tiny Gundam for a short while.  

Playing on PC at Gamescom 2022, I found it very easy to click with Earth: Revival. It’s at once familiar – bearing a resemblance to Destiny – but somehow avoids feeling generic despite a reliance on tropes we all know very well. The Earth is in ruins and adversity is everywhere, but the environment is still quite pretty despite the dangers all around you. 

Earth: Revival / Credit: Nuverse
Earth: Revival / Credit: Nuverse

My only real issue was that I had  to play the game solo, which means I missed out on the multiplayer element. Still, even playing by myself, it was easy to envision how friends would fit into the scenario, especially when taking on the larger enemies in their own arenas. 

Although my time with Earth: Revival was short – only about 30 minutes in total – I left with the desire to play more. The game recently hosted a closed beta test, for both PC and mobile, but the official release date isn’t until some point in 2023. Fingers crossed it’s earlier in the year.

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