Don’t Miss: Innervate, an EP reflecting on epilepsy by Liza Bec

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Humans 1 February 2023

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Innervate is an EP by composer Liza Bec (pictured above), who almost lost their performance career to a rare epilepsy triggered by playing music. The EP spotlights the roborecorder, an instrument they built. On release 10 February.

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The Meaning of Geese is teased out by Nick Acheson, whose epic bicycle adventures trace the incoming paths of pink-footed and brent geese as they arrive from Iceland and Siberia to fill the skies of his native Norfolk, UK. On sale from 9 February.

Imperial Lates: Infectious: Infectious is the latest in Imperial College London???s series of after-hours evenings of discovery. During these evening celebrations of science and engineering our academics, students and staff bring different themes to life for one night only through live demonstrations, arty workshops, interactive experiments and inspiring talks. Public engagement

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Drug experiments and forays into medicines, narcotics and everyday …

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