Don’t Miss: 65, a sci-fi dinosaur thriller by writers of A Quiet Place

Adam Driver stars in 65.

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65 sees astronaut Mills (Adam Driver, pictured above) and a crew crash on an unknown planet – with dinosaurs. The sci-fi thriller, by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods (writers of A Quiet Place), is showing in cinemas from 10 March.

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The Biomimicry Revolution points us towards sustainable ways of living on Earth. Henry Dicks, an environmental philosopher, surveys our use of nature’s strategies to improve our surroundings. On sale from 14 March.

TA9GM5 March 10, 2017, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA: Professor Cass Sunstein, Robert Walmsley University professor at Harvard Law School photographed at his office at Harvard Law School.

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The Use of Algorithms in Society is complex, says Cass Sunstein (pictured above), policy adviser and co-author of the bestseller …

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