Don’t Miss: 1960s’ Dr Who double bill makes a return to the big screen

P3RPRB Original Film Title: DALEKS' INVASION EARTH: 2150 A. D.. English Title: DALEKS INVADE EARTH 2150 A. D.. Film Director: GORDON FLEMYNG. Year: 1966. Stars: PETER CUSHING. Credit: BRITISH LION / Album



Dr. Who and the Daleks and Daleks’ Invasion Earth 2150 A.D. are 1960s classics directed by Gordon Flemyng and starring Peter Cushing. They have now been regenerated in 4K by StudioCanal. Watch in UK cinemas from 10 July.

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Where the Seals Sing is also where you will find Susan Richardson, following grey seals as their numbers dwindle all around the English coastline. She records their ways of life, means of survival and the myths that surround them. Available from 7 July.

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Good Natured, a festival of short films that offer …

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