Does UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell believe in the flat Earth theory?

In a response to comments made by Joe Rogan, No. 9-ranked UFC featherweight contender Bryce Mitchell said that both he and his mother believe the Earth is flat. ‘Thug Nasty’ claimed that the planet is static, and that it is the sun and stars that “rotate around us.”

The Arkansas native further claimed that gravity doesn’t exist and that it is, in fact, the density of an object that causes it to fall. Mitchell challenged Joe Rogan to a debate about the flat Earth theory, stating that he has evidence to back up his claims.

Here’s Bryce Mitchell calling out Joe Rogan on his Instagram account:

Bryce Mitchell also dismissed the Big Bang theory, calling it a lie perpetrated by the scientific community:

“They are trying to feed you these lies to make you think that science is right, and that God didn’t create the universe, the Big Bang did, okay? I used to be an atheist, I used to believe that the universe was created by the Big Bang, I used to believe all that cr*p from Neil DeGrasse Tyson, okay? And, I’m just so sick and tired of hearing your cr*p, Joe, about flat-Earthers being stupid. Boy, I will smoke you in a debate.”

Bryce Mitchell suggested that some of Joe Rogan’s posts are “leading people away from the Holy Spirit.” He went on to brand the Moon landing fake, as well as claiming that “Neil DeGrasse Tyson knows that we didn’t land on the Moon.”

Joe Rogan, on the JRE podcast, has repeatedly dismissed the flat Earth theory. In an episode of the Fight Companion, featuring Brendan Schaub and Brian Callen, Rogan confronted Eddie Bravo about his flat Earth beliefs.

There are many episodes of the podcast where Joe Rogan goes back and forth with the 10th Planet founder about the largely disputed theory.


Like Mitchell and Bravo, a number of other prominent figures within the combat sports community believe that the earth is flat, including Kron Gracie and Justin Ledet.

Be it flat Earth or government control claims, Bryce Mitchell isn’t afraid to speak his mind

Bryce Mitchell is no stranger to speaking his mind on a range of issues. He dismissed the COVID-19 mask mandates as a government conspiracy. On The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, he also claimed that school shootings in America have been perpetrated by the United States government.

He also had a lot to say in his post-fight press conference at UFC 272 as well. Among his comments, Mitchell alluded to his burgeoning rap career.

Check out what Bryce Mitchell had to say in the press conference:


Mitchell is currently undefeated in his professional MMA career and is on a six-fight win streak. He was supposed to face Movsar Evloev at UFC Vegas 64 next month, but the Russian was forced to withdraw.

There were rumors that Ilia Topuria was set to step in as a replacement, but talks for that appear to have fallen through judging by the pair’s recent social media posts.

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