Distortions Monster World, Earth Iluminated to leave 16th Street Mall after Halloween

Bigfoot, dinosaurs, aliens that can seem to take you into space, monsters that will eat you – Distortions Monster World has been a place to explore and photograph the unusual in downtown Denver.

But Monday is the last day to take that journey into the unknown.  After two years in the Denver Pavilions on the 16th Street Mall, Monster World and its sister store, Earth Illuminated, are closing — at least for that location, and at least for now.

The show has been made possible by a partnership between Distortions Unlimited, a company based in Greeley, and the production team Blazen Illuminations.

The interactive experiences are intended for all age groups. Ed Edmunds and Marsha Taub-Edmunds, owners of Distortions Unlimited, were featured in the reality show “Making Monsters” on the Travel Channel. Some of the pieces from the Distortions vault used in Monster World have not been seen in up to 25 years.

Nate and Heidi Webb, husband and wife duo and co-founders of Distortions Monster World and Earth Illuminated, said the exhibit has been a five year process. They tried to open Monster World right before the pandemic hit, but after surpassing challenges associated with opening during that tumultuous time period, the store finally opened in December 2020. Previously, Forever 21 was in their location.

“This experience was designed to be a showcase museum of sorts, like a monster kind of museum, but also have a little bit more excitement in it,” Nate Webb said.

“A lot of the COVID stuff, we were actually already prepared for. Big open spaces, we had lots of room to handle all the COVID issues, so that was really kind of a non-issue for us from an operation standpoint. But it did definitely slow down traffic so we didn’t see anywhere close to the kind of traffic that we were hoping to see in the Denver downtown area.”

Traffic has increased in the last year as the city and country begin to open up. While this location is closing, the Webb’s said Monster World has plans to come back in a new location.

“We choose that [location] because that was like the epicenter of the cool part of Colorado, I mean like everything was happening in Colorado right there on 16th Street Mall prior to COVID,” Nate Webb said. “So it was a no brainer.”

Monster World and Earth Illuminated are open from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m., with tickets ending sales at 8 p.m. There is a dual pass option to experience both locations. Prices vary for tickets, with the dual ticket being $35, an adult pass at $25, children at $18 (ages 6-11), and children 5 years old and younger enter free.

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