Deadly 20000 km high solar tornado erupts on Sun! If Earth was closer, it would have been destroyed

A 20000 km high solar tornado has been spotted by an astrophotographer rising above our Sun. Earth would be destroyed if it was any closer to it.

A giant swirling solar tornado consisting of plasma particles has been captured by an astrophotographer shooting from the surface of the Sun. This is called a Solar Tornado. It was massive and reached as high as 20000 km (12000 miles) above the Sun. A video by astrophotographer Apollo Laski of Naperville, Illinois, USA, captured the deadly moment. The video of this astonishing solar tornado shows the solar tornado rising from the surface of the Sun in a terrifying manner.

According to, astrophotographer Lasky recorded the incident on June 21. This plasma ejection from the surface of the Sun is part of a ‘solar storm system’. This was such a huge solar tornado that if Earth was nearer to it, then it would have been destroyed in seconds! Thankfully, the solar plasma ejection was not directed towards the Earth. Lasky used a backyard solar telescope to capture this solar flare event, report mentioned.

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How do Solar tornadoes occur?

Solar tornadoes are basically due to the spiral-shaped magnetic structures that rise from the surface of the Sun and are rooted to the Sun’s surface at both ends which makes it swirl like a tornado. When a series of plasma shorts inside this structure, it moves along with the structure’s helical magnetic field. This is what causes the plasma to rotate and form a twister.

Just days ago, a giant sunspot AR3038 has been found on the surface of the Sun which has increased the concern of scientists. Scientists of the US space agency NASA are closely monitoring it because it faces directly towards the Earth. Not just that, scientists are also concerned about its constantly growing size. Due to the this sunspot directly facing earth, there is a possibility that it can send solar flares shooting toward us.

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