Colombian dinosaur finally identified thanks to 2016 peace agreement

A peace agreement in Colombia meant researchers could return to the site where a sauropod fossil was dug up in 1943 and name it as a new species, Perijasaurus lapaz

Life 18 August 2022

panoramic of Serran?a del Perij?

The Serranía del Perijá mountain range where the dinosaur, named Perijasaurus, was found

Jeff Wilson Mantilla

A sauropod dinosaur has been named as a new species nearly 80 years after it was first discovered in a remote Colombian mountain range.

A half-metre-long vertebra of the dinosaur was dug up by a geologist working for an oil company in the northern Colombian state of Cesar in 1943. It has been stored at the University of California, Berkeley, ever since.

It was preliminarily described in 1955 as a sauropod, part of the group of …

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