Amphenol Advanced Sensors holds Earth Day themed activities for local students

Wednesday brought gorgeous weather for Amphenol Advanced Sensors, in conjunction with the Island Run Sportsmen’s Club, to have students from F.S.G. Elementary School and St. Leo School to participate in several Earth Day themed activities. To kick off the events, students created artwork on Earth Day for a T-Shirt.  Each school gave Ampehnol the student’s artwork was posted at the plant for a vote to see what creation the company best conveyed the Earth Day message.

The field trip wrapped up with a lunch for the youngsters that was prepared by Amphenol and other helpers that assisted with the day’s activities, as well as Game Warden Sue Edminston speaking with the group about her job, and the wooded areas and wildlife she is in charge of. This is the nineteenth year that Amphenol, along with the help of the Island Run Sportsmen Club, has made this field trip possible for our local students

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