AI terrifyingly predicts what our last selfies on Earth would look like

Since the beginning of time, we’ve all been obsessed with the concept of ‘firsts’. What was the first movie ever made? Who was the first person to walk around the world? When was the first video ever uploaded to YouTube? With a climate crisis looming over our heads and new outbreaks being declared as national health emergencies every other month, however, we’re slowly being forced to foreshadow our ‘lasts’ on planet Earth as we know it.

And what better way to visualise the downfall of our own species than leveraging the space-age technology called artificial intelligence (AI)? Over the years, humans have used AI to reimagine Disney characters as Pokémon trainers and even create heartbreaking renditions of what missing children would look like today.

But as of August 2022, netizens have increasingly tapped the potential of the technology to predict what our last day on Earth would look like—more specifically, our last selfies snapped on the planet we’ve come to call our home.

Brace yourselves, as you’re about to embark on a terrifying journey and witness 13 images generated on a scale of doomism that only AI tool DALL·E mini can offer.

1. To start thing off on a spooky note

2. Nothing VSCO can’t fix

3. Duck face (2055, colourised)

4. Okay, this one is actual nightmare fuel

5. 0.5 selfies at their best

6. #SunKissed

7. These mirror selfies are getting out of hand

8. Me and who?

9. The last thirst trap recorded in human history

10. AI casually predicting tech inventions of the future

11. Meta selfie, who?

12. Another devastating groupfie

13. “Hey guys, welcome to my YouTube channel” energy

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