Aaron Rodgers Reportedly Has a New Girlfriend Named Blu of Earth

Aaron Rodgers is back with the Green Bay Packers on a three-year $150 million contract extension. The deal was inked not long after many claimed his time in Green Bay had come to an end. While that turned out not to be true, his engagement to actress Shailene Woodley did end. Ever the quick rebounder, Rodgers is reportedly back in a relationship with a new girlfriend. Her name is Blu of Earth.

Who Is Blu of Earth?

Let’s do a quick recap of the careers of the women whom Aaron Rodgers has been involved with. There was Olivia Munn, an actress. Then there was Danica Patrick, an Indy car driver. Most recently it was Woodley, another actress. Now there is Blu of Earth, who is… a witch.

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